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  • Agriculture: Policies to support farming stifle innovation and harm the environment

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    30 June 2020

    Support policies by some 54 OECD, EU and emerging countries provided on average USD 536 billion (EUR 469 billion) per year of direct support to farmers in 2017-2019. Such policies can harm consumers, especially poor ones, and widen income gaps between small and large farms, according to the latest Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation.

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  • Tax: International community continues progress against offshore tax evasion

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    30 June 2020

    bet360手机版 More progress has been made in the fight against offshore tax evasion, latest data show. Nearly 100 countries carried out automatic exchange of information in 2019, enabling their tax authorities to obtain data on 84 million financial accounts held offshore by their residents, covering total assets of EUR 10 trillion, sharply up on 2018.

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  • Society: New report on fostering LGBTI inclusion

    24 June 2020

    bet360手机版 Ensuring that LGBTI people, i.e. lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender and intersex individuals, have the same rights as anyone else and are not discriminated against or attacked is a global concern. "Over the rainbow? The Road to LGBTI Inclusion" looks at the laws in OECD countries and the policies needed to foster LGBTI inclusion.

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  • 23 June 2020

    Blog: As the coronavirus crisis unfolds, millions of workers worldwide wonder what the future holds for them. New OECD work shows that some groups of workers face a higher risk than others of being left behind and experience poverty associated with COVID-19 labour market disruptions.

  • Video: Living with Covid-19 - Two scenarios for the world economy

    10 June 2020

    With or without a second wave, the effects of the coronavirus will be severe. For more info please visit:

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    How can we all help shape better policies for better lives? In just 15 minutes, we bring you insightful interviews with OECD experts and guests on today’s pressing issues such as COVID-19, inequality, jobs, international co-operation and more. OECD Podcasts are available on iTunes, Spotify and

  • COVID-19 and our lives

    bet360手机版How is COVID-19 influencing our lives, our transport systems, businesses, our education, and the way we use digital technologies? See our series of short videos here. And don’t forget to follow us on YouTube.

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    bet360手机版Health care spending, health care use, hospital stays, vaccination rates, doctor consultations, and more. Find OECD data for your country, with dynamic charts, maps, tables and related publications at

  • Health essentials from OECD iLibrary

    "What role might the social outcomes of education play during the COVID-19 lockdown?", “Health for Everyone?: Social Inequalities in Health and Health Systems”; "Taxing Wages”. For these reports and more, including working papers, journals and articles, visit OECD iLibrary.

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